You Were Born Rich

– By Bob Proctor

This was the book that changed everything for Trish when she read it back in 2005. As a result of reading this book she booked a seminar in Las Vegas and went and saw him at his conference titled ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. 

Do you believe you were born with all the riches you will ever need?

This book will guide you through the main principles to help you understand that you do, indeed, hold a wealth of potential within you.

You will learn

  • What money is and how you can attract more of it
  • How to become co-creator of your own destiny
  • The role of faith in your success
  • How to build prosperous images in your mind that translate into magnificent results in your life
  • The keys to bringing abundance into your life
  • The Law of Attraction – why some people keep attracting negative results and others always seem to attract positive results
  • Develop The Razor’s Edge that will allow you to become a champion
  • The Vacuum Law of Prosperity – why you must release the old to make room for the new