How to lose weight? I joined a gym. I wanted to share with you the beginning of my 90 Day Health and Well Being Challenge!

I have joined with a 6 week membership as I am in America for the next 6 weeks.

I want to lose 10 kgs and get fit and healthy, something I have wanted to do now for 2 decades and never was ‘All In’. When I left Australia on 1st June 2018 I weighed in at 72 kgs and would love to get to 65 kgs by the end of the 90 Day Health and Well-Being Challenge.¬†Realistic for me will be 3 kgs of weight loss.


After spending a week in Charlotte NC with a lady, Claudia from Germany who was very committed to fitness and diet choices, I knew that I had to go about things differently.

I asked Claudia, if she would like to coach me through the process of losing the 10kgs. She can pass on all of her knowledge, skills and experiences on to me. The things that took her decades to learn… I can take advantage off through coaching. It short tracks the learning curve and it gives my so much support during the process of getting healthy.

So Day 1 my first tour of the gym and it was very scary and daunting. Seeing all the different equipment and not understanding how to use it, is enough to turn anyone off going to the gym. The exciting thing was the timetable that was given to me which schedules classes all day.

I am going to focus on having fun… the Zumba classes sound excellent!

Once you have stepped up and stepped out and gone to the gym and set your mind up for success you then have a level of intent and commitment.

It is very important to set your intent and ensure you are prepared. Something like a 90 Day Challenge can really set your mind up for success. It provides masterminding and accountability.

People ask and search for ‘How To Lose Weight’ all the time. The most important factor in losing weight is not the right diet or the right exercise regime. It is having a plan and having the right mindset and having coaching. Being prepared for this 90 day challenge was all about getting a plan into place.

It is known throughout the business world, to be successful in business you must have a business plan. The same applies when it comes to losing weight.

For success you need to be in flow in all areas of your life. For anyone to be in flow you have to be in balance with body, being and business.

This means having a plan for all areas of your life. Knowing exactly what you are doing on every day of the week to achieve those business goals or weight goals.

The video shares some nice online business tips at the end. It is not just about ‘How To Lose Weight?’

What challenges do you face when it comes to being ‘All In’ with respect to your health? Comment in the box below.

Trish Davies

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