There’s no doubt that growing your existing business is really going to come down to a few things but I’d probably say the number one thing is being able to attract and get more customers. The education SFM are going to provide you here absolutely is going to enable you to go out there and get more customers. It’s a huge focus of what they’re going to teach you.

So if you’ve got something that you’re working on or you’ve got a business that you’re very happy with or you’re really looking to develop, then the education here is going to really help you to do that. One word of warning that I do like to put out there, however, is sometimes people spend a lot of time nurturing and growing a business idea that they have or an existing business that they have… based on them assuming that it’s going to be the quickest way to put. more money in the bank.

That’s quite often not the case; and the advice I give my members all the time is only spend your time growing your existing business if it’s a business that you really want to have. You know, if you have a business right now that you’re not that passionate about, ­if you’ve got a business that you’re not really that bothered about but it’s now what’s putting money into the bank account and food on the table ­ then what you might want to do is actually look at setting up ­almost like­ a second business alongside what you’re doing right now and eventually replace that business with something that you really are passionate about.

The focus here at SFM in the community is showing people how they can create and build a business that they love and the result of that is they can then go on to obviously live a life that they love. And I think it’s really impossible to really live your ultimate life if you’re not in love with your business and I think you have to love your business—it’s like having another child or having a child, it takes a lot of effort, a lot of nurturing, a lot of persistence to make it a success.

So you just need to think about it wisely and if you have something right now that you want to grow, you want to improve upon, SFM are absolutely going to provide you with almost everything you’re going to possibly need including the tools and technology to help you grow your existing business.

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