Well, not only do SFM have events, they’re a lot of fun. In fact I will say the events are what I look forward to most each and every time they’re coming. SFM do events all over the world. I recently just got back from Charlotte NC and I head off to the Gold Coast Australia to hang out with many of the Australian members over there. And there are events in the UK, Canada and as the company is growing and expanding the rate it is, SFM are always looking at putting in more events and more destinations.

The thing that I will say about live events is that if you get the opportunity to attend one you absolutely should. Nothing quite matches those live environments. Everything from being able to experience the training in person, being able to be involved with the questions and answers ­ just being able to hang out at the bar afterwards.

I’ve had some of the best conversations, I’ve created some of the most important relationships in my business from hanging out at the bar after events­ whether you drink or not is up to you. But yeah, these events are happening all the time. There are different events for different parts of the education, and different product lines that they have.

There are regular live events on the internet also known as webinars or webcasts and these are happening multiple times every single week.

A prime example is when you get started with SFM. One of the very first live trainings that you’ll be doing typically with the one of the co-founders Jay­ is what we call a New Member Orientation and on that webinar, that’s where they really get to work with you in a small group on a live webinar to get you set up and understand exactly what the steps are in order to go out and get the fastest results possible. So yeah, events are definitely something that they do and I couldn’t recommend, more than anything, actually making sure that you get to one of them.

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