The KLT Factor

The KLT factor is such a big influence in your business.

For your customers, clients, prospects, the biggest selling point is YOU! And when you understand the Know, Like and Trust Factor, you will have a booming business.

This can be a game changer for your business. It has been for us.

Essentially this means building relationships.

So let’s get started….

The KLT Factor is a simple formula and very powerful.

It all starts with you and how you deliver your message.

What do we mean by that?

Well, you have to allow your audience to get to know you. And the most effective way to do this is to be yourself. Be authentic! Be real!

In other words, don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Chris remembers when she started doing video and she thought she needed to be someone who she wasn’t so that she appeared confident and knowledgable.

This was not the right way for her to influence her audience. She soon discovered the best way to be was to be true to who she was. She decided to be real for her audience and sometimes that meant being vulnerable. While that might sound daunting, it really is a very empowering position.

If you allow yourself to be vulnerable then you will speak your truth. And speaking your truth is being real and authentic. And by being real and authentic, you allow your audience to get to KNOW you.

And the results will speak for themselves when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Chris was surprised with her results once she made that decision to be who she truly was!

She began getting positive feedback around the things she was sharing; people were resonating with her message, commenting and sharing their experiences as well.  It was all the validation she needed to continue being real and vulnerable.

Trish facilitates and delivers training to the corporate sector and on Day 1 of her training she tells her story. The good, the bad, the ups , the downs. She does this to build rapport in the room. To start building that relationship and the feedback she gets is incredible. Because there are moments of vulnerability in her story, there is sadness, there is happiness, there are really good times and some not so good times.

They all form part of your story. Don’t be scared to show some vulnerability. It is empowering.

From building rapport with your audience, you are allowing them to LIKE what they see. This is the way people connect with you; through your story.

Let’s summarise here…

You have allowed your audience you get to KNOW you through being real and authentic and telling your story or message. Through this process your audience decides they LIKE you.

So what happens next?

By being open and honest and transparent, you are building TRUST.

Do you see how powerful this KLT Factor is?

By staying true to yourself and by following the KLT principles, you will have a very powerful business.

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