Before I die, I want to… what do you want to do?… what is that one thing? Stop and reflect on that one thing that you would like to do?

Why stop at one thing! is that just crazy that we have to think about that one thing. We live 70 years++ and we are being asked to define that one thing that we would like to do. The problem with our lives is that most of our week is taken up with that one thing that we are unfulfilled with… the job!

A total of 168 hours in a week 56 of them spent sleeping, leaving 112, then 50 hours per week spent at the office or commuting to and from. Now leaving 62 hours per week, our time, free time, time to do all those things we want to do. What are you going to do with that time?

For Trish and Chris we spend our time with our online business and the rest of the time travelling. It has now become a reality to be able to lead our own lifestyle, travel and work on our buisness at the same time. It hasn’t always been that way.

Trish and Chris worked together in corporate finance 10 years ago in a job they hated with bosses they didnt like or respect. They were working in an office building that had no windows… well it had windows that just didn’t have access to them. They were always being told how things could be done better and they did not have a voice. Fast forward now and they have left their corporate jobs and working in their own online business where they have found their voice.

In the video Trish talks about “before I die, I want to… go to Europe” in particular Ireland, as it was a very spontaneous throught. Thinking it through further, Trish would tell you, her one thing would be… to be a successful business owner, and to leave a legacy for her daughter. As a byproduct of running a successful business comes the benefit of travelling around the world when and where she likes.

Follow your passion and decide… what is it you would like to do with those hours of ‘your time’ ‘free time’? what is that you would like to do? Do you want to build an online business where the money and the lifestyle is a byproduct of you building a buisness that provides value and service to people.

Trish and Chris have dedicated their life now to providing value to others even if it is just sharing their life, their story, their challenges and their wins to others. It is all about showing others that they can too if they have the dedication and commitment.

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