I think supporting you through your journey of creating a successful business is probably one of the most important questions that can be asked. And the reason being is with the internet—unfortunately—there’s a lot of programs and opportunities out there that will sell you a dream of being able to become successful on the internet once you actually get your credit card out and you make that purchase. There’s not a human in sight—there’s no one to be seen, no one to get a response from.

SFM have been working on the different ways to support members for many years now and I don’t think there are many companies in any market out there that offer quite the diversity of support that SFM provide.

So just to talk you through some of those, first of all, I’m going to keep reiterating through, many videos with SFM, the training is in a step ­by ­step fashion—it’s linear. You don’t have to go out there and see a ton of different informational trainings and pick and choose what you work with. It’s designed to go through a certain process so that’s where the support starts in terms of SFM actually thinking about your experience as you work through the trainings.

But you can imagine, as you’re going through those trainings you’re going to get stuck, you’re going to have questions, you’re going to need support ­ so SFM have multiple channels.

The first thing I will say is that they have telephone support. I think that’s probably something that surprises a lot of members because it’s the internet and what internet company provides phone support these days? Not many. So you are able to pick up the phone and the reason you are able to do that is because SFM are actually going to allocate you to a dedicated business consultant/system consultant through your journey. And it’s somebody that you will deal with on a one ­on ­one basis.

Now what that means is that they’re not going to be available 24/7. The consultants are working six (6) days a week and they’re working various different hours through the day and the way you can actually schedule support with them is through picking up the phone during the hours of operation.

You can also access their calendar anytime and see the available appointments that they have which are actually the preferred method for most of the members. And you’ll schedule in your very own appointment ­ a bit like using these websites where you can book a table or restaurant, it’s exactly the same. You can actually schedule in a time that you know you’re going to be available, you can plan a time to be in front of a computer and get any of your questions answered.

On top of that, they have live chat, so if you’ve got something that you need support with, almost instantly you can log onto the live chat, speak with one of the support staff and they can help and assist you through any hurdles or hiccups. SFM have a support desk as well which has all of the common questions. And obviously, thorough answers including videos that walk you through various things which can be accessed 24/7. You can submit tickets and emails to the company in order to get responses that way.

And the last thing I’ll mention, which certainly isn’t the least, is the amazing community that SFM have here and I think that’s probably what people value most. The reason being, is that what you’re then doing is getting support from other people who have actually gone through the same journey that you’re going through.

One of the advantages that SFM have here  as they have been around for quite some time now, they have a lot of members who have worked through the program and become very successful to the point where they’re absolutely working on their businesses full­time. And there is nothing more that they often like to do in their spare time than to give back.

And they have a private members’ community site where they all hang out including me and they have various private groups on Facebook that you can join and you’re going to get to meet other members. I think that one of the most important things in picking an educational company to learn from is there’s got to be transparency. And why you’ll find is that most educational systems out there, in my opinion, don’t offer a community and introduce you to their other customers. Frankly, they’re selling a lot of hot air and when you sell hype and hot air and exaggerations. It’s impossible for you to have your customers talking amongst one another because it’s only going to bite you if your members aren’t actually getting results and you’re not providing the kind of education that people need to get the results they’re suggesting is achievable.

Well, with SFM they know what they can achieve with their members, they’ve proven it time and time again so our community’s extremely transparent. You’ll get to talk with members who have struggled and found success, you’ll get to connect with our very top students who have gone out to build highly successful six ­figure businesses and you’ll also be able to connect with other people who are going through the journey that you are also going through right now.

SFM have people obviously starting with them every day on the same path as you, and can often help you feel a lot less isolated. Working from home ­ particularly if you’re doing this on your own—can be very, very lonely­working in your home office especially if you’re used to being in an office environment.

The community really enables you to connect with tons of like­minded individuals. And on top of all of this, kind of a separate topic, they have events—live events—where you get to join us in person but they have more all over the world. I recently got back from Charlotte, NC where we all mingled together to teach and train and support one another at live events as well. So I think as far as support, you can’t go wrong with getting started with SFM because they really do care about you and it’s one thing I’ll be saying and there’s another thing as backing it up and I think you’ll notice within your first twenty four (24) hours that this is real.

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