I have 2 brands in my life and I am a ‘raving fan’ of those 2 brands. One is the car I drive and the other is the computer I use. These are 2 major household purchases and I will not go anywhere else to upgrade or re-buy.

It got me asking why have I become a ‘raving fan’ of these two brands? I believe it is the value that they provide, free value they provide before, during and after the purchase you make.

The first brand is the car I drive and they offer free car washing every 4 weeks for the whole time you own that car. Its not just a car wash it’s a detail worth $65. Now, it’s a win-win as the company gets the owner back into the showroom once per month to connect and keep that relationship going. The owner gets their car washed which is incredible for those that are time-poor. You get offered coffee, tea or cold drinks a lounge to relax with a TV or you can just simply catch up on social media or emails.

The second brand is the computer I operate which is Apple and we are all aware of the incredible customer service you receive the moment you walk through the door regardless of whether you own an Apple or not. I have visited the Genius Bar on many occasions and I have purchased the complete range of Apple products.

So why do these 2 brands do so well?  They do well because they provide incredible value and value for free?

This leads me into asking you the question as a business owner or potential business owner – what value are you providing for free?

When it comes to advertising your business online a lot of businesses create and develop a website… they get it hosted and then… that’s it! They don’t do anymore and so it becomes static and more like an online business card. The whole idea of a website is to provide value, provide content for people. It should be interactive, engaging and dynamic.

That is why social media is so attractive as it fulfils all of those characteristics and that is why people turn to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter etc. to get value.

There are 2 billion people on the internet and they are searching for information, training, answers to problems. You should… be the business they find that can answer those problems or provide that information and training.

Then you need to keep them coming back, keep them engaged and interested, and the way you do that is through value provided for free. Value through pdf reports, books, videos, training, you make it dynamic and engaging and you will have them coming back all the time for more!

We would love to work with you to create your own online business.

We would love to work with you to create your own online business.

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