You keep getting the same financial results over and over and over again. Have you asked yourself why do you keep getting the same results each and every time?

It all comes back to your conditioning, you’re financial conditioning. What is conditioning? It is your programming. What were you programmed with when you were young? What was the language or conversation around you at an early age? By analysing those experiences when you were young will give you awareness around why you think they way you do today.

More importantly is how do you undo some of that conditioning? The single most important skill you can master to change your conditioning is to train your mind. Training your mind will increase your happiness and success.

We are bombarded by our thoughts, and most of our thoughts are negative, not supportive, fear based and disempowering. Why? Because your mind is nothing more than a survival mechanism, its job is not to make you happy, its job is not to make you successful, its job is to keep you alive and therefore its primary role is protection and because its based on protection we are based in survival and fear and that’s why your mind does what it does to keep you alive.

1. You must be constantly observing your mind

Listen to what your mind is saying, just listen, hear it and note whether it is supportive or non-supportive, empowering or disempowering. For the most time when the mind is talking to you it will be non supportive, and so you must catch yourself very quickly, speed is everything, because if you don’t do that then the negativity will take you into a negative energy.

When you start on the negative energy and don’t catch yourself, it will escalate further and further. The negative energy results in a negative or bad feeling. So rather that monitoring your thoughts, which can be difficult, its very important to be monitoring your feelings.

So when you are not feeling very good about what you are thinking, you need to change it quickly into a more supportive thought. Focus all your attention on what you are currently doing, if you are driving then focus on that, I find listening to inspiring audios in the car help you focus in the present moment and on something really positive.

Don’t be focusing on negative thoughts like what bills need to be paid and if you can afford it, or someone owes you money and wondering if you are ever going to get that money. Do something in the present moment, whatever it is you are doing focus on that, that is the key. Observe your mind and don’t let it take you down a path of negative energy. What is more important is the feeling that is attached to that thought.

2. Have a morning practice of meditation

I do meditate as the practice of meditation is the practice of focusing, focusing your mind on the present moment. If you cannot quiet your mind during meditation, what is going to happen during the day? If you don’t like the fact that your mind is loud, non-supportive and negative, you should do something to train it to be quiet and supportive and meditation is one of those things. This is fitness for the mind. You have to step in and train your mind to work with you rather than against you. Fitness for the mind, Meditation is one of those ways of training it.

3. Is to take the actions

What does Nike say ‘Just Do It’? When you are uncertain about something in your life right now, do it! Do whatever you are uncertain about, why? In taking the action, in doing it, you’ll get in the game. You’ll start learning the skills and knowledge by doing. The problem with most people is they are not out there doing it, they are in their head. Real life does not happen in your head, it happens in reality, it happens in life, it happens in the game. Those that are so busy planning and thinking about and considering about what is going to happen they don’t get into the doing, so you got to get in the game and correct along the way versus staying in your head and figuring everything out before you get into it.

And those are the 3 things that I would say to people to train your mind to be truly happy and successful.

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Trish and Chris

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