You can offer many different products online, however, what are the best products to sell?

You can sell many different types of products or different brands. To do this you can become what’s called an affiliate. Many big distributors have an affiliate program where you can join for free and you receive an affiliate code/link. This allows you to promote products, ones that you have chosen. One organisation that does this is Amazon. If you go searching on Amazon you will find 1000’s of product available to you as an affiliate to promote.

Are they the best products to sell online? The profits can be tight on these products and the commissions can be low. Amazon are handling all of the administration, the billing, the storage and the shipping of the products. This means the profit and therefore the commissions are lower.

I believe selling information online is the most profitable. Information products can be anything from:

Training Videos
Content Videos
Audio + Video + Workbook

There are so many advantages to selling information online, apart from the advantages of having a global audience that you can sell your products to. The information can be downloaded and delivered to the client immediately avoiding storage and shipping costs.

The profit margins are much higher on information products as you can develop them yourself and therefore the cost to produce is low. Time is the biggest cost – the time it takes to develop them.

If you are a consultant you can package your information, your service and deliver this product online to a much bigger, wider audience.

If you are traditional bricks and mortar business, you don’t have to sell your information. you can promote your small business through these products. This can give you excellent publicity. If you have the intention of providing great value to people through information online you will standout from all of your competitors.

If you have a small business idea or if you already have a small business then delivering information online should be part of your marketing strategy.

80% of your business comes down to marketing and can make the difference between a business that is successful and a business that is not.

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