Building a list is a crucial component to building a relationship with your prospect or client. To communicate with your prospects or clients you have to be collecting email addresses.

The way Trish and Chris collect email addresses is through landing pages or through their website. When a prospect clicks on an advertisement they have seen on a social media platform they are directed to a website where they are offered a free video training series, an ebook, a pdf report, a webinar training series etc. We offer something of great value.

Business owners still do not understand the importance of building an email list. A lot of business owners still think that gathering email addresses and then communicating with the subscribers after is considered spamming.

The reason most think like that is because when anyone opens their inbox nowadays they are filled with what is considered sales pitches and pushy sales messages trying to intice people into buying their product, service or opportunity.

It has been one of the best decisions we have done for our business and that is to build a list. Once we have received their email address and we have provided something of value we can follow up with great content or solutions to their problems which continues to develop rapport.

This is called the ‘Know-Like-Trust’ factor. They get to know you and through constant contact they get to like you and your message, which leads to building trust. Statistics have proven that it takes a minimum of 7 times for people to see your offer before they act on that offer. Its all in the timing and when someone is ready for your product or service they will come to you first because of the trust factor built up over time.

The list that you create can consist of 1000s of names and email addresses of people that like what you represent, and this becomes extremely valuable to your business. This becomes an asset to your business. Everytime you have a particular product or service that you would like to promote you can send an email out to the list.

The difference between having 1000’s of subscribers in your online business and 1000s of customers in your traditional retail business is that if your physical retail business closed location then you would lose a lot of your customers. If your website closed in your online business, or your product changed or your business closed down you can set up the next day with another website promoting another product or service and advertise to your list of subscribers and most probably get sales.

The success of our business has come down to our ability to build a list of subscribers. If you would like to know how to do this or get some assistance in building a list then we’d like to offer you a FREE 30 day test drive of the education and system we use in our business.

You will meet one of our mentors, Stuart, and you can get your FREE account in less than 60 seconds.

What are you waiting for? Go over there now….FREE Account

See you on the inside 🙂

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