Trish and Chris were recently interviewed about their journey into Affiliate Marketing. They explained how the found this business model and the impact it has had on them.

Trish and Chris met when they worked together as Financial Corporate Professionals in 2004. They really didn’t enjoy their environment, their management or the people they were surrounded with, day in, day out.

In 2005, Chris left the organisation to pursue her Corporate Finance career. Trish also left this orginisation in 2005 to follow her passion for real estate. She created her own International Real Estate business and has built this over the past 10 years.

In 2015, Chris started looking for an accredited qualification in IT (Information Technology) when she stumbled upon the Six Figure Mentors. This program was exactly was she was looking for and gave her all the tools and training she needed to create her online business. The accredited course was going to cost $5,000 – $6000 and was going to take 2 years to be qualified. For less than half of this cost, Chris was able to complete the training and create an online business working at night and on weekend while still in her full time job. Chris has since left her full time and is working full time on USARealEstateTrainingTrishandChrisOnline and LeadYourLifestyle with Trish.

During the same time (2015), Trish spent 5 months in America working her International Real Estate business. When she returned to Australia, Chris showed her the online business opportunity with the Six Figure Mentors. And together, over 6 months, they took Trish’s International Real Estate Business and created an online training program which is now available worldwide. This was all possible with the tools and training available through the SFM.

This was when the absolute power of the education they received through the SFM.

Now they are building their affiliate marketing business.

So what does Affiliate Marketing mean?

Very simply, it is earning a commission for making sales by recommending other people’s products.

Trish and Chris decided to only recommend products and services they have used and found value in for themselves. This is why they highly recommend the Six Figure Mentor products and services because it has provided them with a great business model and tools and training for them to move into the most exciting time of the digital economy.

For more information, watch the interview about their journey with the Six Figure Mentors.

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