A very common question… when starting your online business… and you are building your email list is ‘How often should I email to my subscribers?’. Here are the following tips when emailing to your list: –

Do what you say you are going to do

In other words if you said you would email to them a monthly newsletter… then do that! If it is a bi-weekly newsletter or a daily broadcast then do it! it is very important to commit to what you said you would do. You set the expectations of the subscriber once they gave you their email address so you should live up to those expectations or you will lose credibility. The whole idea of building a list and emailing to that list is to build the relationship. If you promised a daily broadcast and you don’t follow through and then weeks later you send an email out chances are they will ‘unsubscribe’ as they don’t remember or know who you are.

Be consistent

If you committed to broadcasting to your list by sending out an email twice per month and then all of a sudden you send out 4 emails in one week then chances are many subscribers will ‘unsubscribe’. You have gone against what you committed to do. People like consistency… they like to know that your emails will come out once per day, per week, per month and once you have built the relationship they will expect those emails. Trish and Chris post to You Tube once per day and post a Facebook Live to their business page 3 x per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is important to follow through with what you say you are going to do and be consistent with it!

Make your emails relevant

The purpose of you sending out emails to your list is to build the relationship. This should be the primary purpose of collecting the email addresses. To build the relationship it means that your emails need to be more personalised rather than written as if it was business to business. In other words, write your emails as if you were speaking to a friend of a friend. Make your emails not as informal as you would speak to your best friend however, not as formal as a corporate email. It needs to be conversational and relevant to your audience. Conversational means that you don’t put too much emphasis on spelling and grammar. People want to feel as if you are having a conversation with them. We would recommend that you share insights around your own journey, this is what can draw people into your message.

The most important thing to remember about emailing to your list is its about the relationship. Its about building rapport and trust. It comes down to the ‘Know-Like-Trust’ factor’ they get to know you, like you and trust is built over time.

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