What are the perils of NOT doing business online? There are those things we still have to do traditionally… what is one of those things?

Mailing your documents!!! OMG… there has to be another way!!! So in the international real estate investment business that I own I still have to mail… yes… going to the post office… paying for an envelope and stamps… handing over my important documents to the person at the post office and then fingers crossed they mail it.

Putting all your trust in that one person that takes that envelope. Making the choice of ‘tracked’ or ‘untracked’ being a difference of $8 or $42. Then being told it will take 8 business working days to get there… What other choice do you have?

There are many perils of NOT doing business online. I still have to mail original documents in the real estate transaction process of selling property. The original deeds and a statutory declaration have to be signed by a Notary Public and mailed to the attorney for the transfer of property to take place.

We are living in a world that is so instant with the internet and the ability to receive documents immediately, you can sign through an electronic signature and return them within minutes to anywhere in the world. It still amazes me that I still have to go through the lengthy process of having to mail original documents.

I send Word documents via Messenger and clients or friends receive them instantly, immediately. I use Skype and share my screen with someone across the world. I use Zoom for a meeting with colleagues in America and I am in Australia. I use Facebook Live to communicate a message across a global audience and it is uploaded immediately in seconds.

Yet, I have had the anguish of not only waiting 8 days but waiting over 11 days for my original documents to arrive in my attorneys office. It just seems like madness!

There is no real message in this article other than; to look how far we have come in the last 15 years with communication.

It still amazes me what I can now do online with my business, without having all those additional costs of employing staff and sourcing and paying for outside agencies to run my marketing and advertising. I could not run an international real estate investment business 15 years ago without the Internet and tools that we use today.

I could not run an online business that sells my services and the products and services of others 15 years ago… today I do!

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