We are online business owners and we are working towards a life of meaning and purpose. We are always looking for committed and motivated team members that want to create freedom and flexibility and lead life on their own terms. We have the training and tools to do that…

Let us take you back… 10 years ago we were both working together in corporate finance as accountants. We were disatisfied and unfulfilled in our workplace for many reasons. The environment we worked in left us feeling powerless with no control over our destiny. We had a fear of our bosses that lead through intimidation and favouritism. Favouritism of those individuals that looked and acted in a certain way and said ‘Yes’ a lot to them.

There was a feeling of inadequacy because we were not in a profession that was in alignment with our personality. I know so many that are in professions today because it was the path of study they chose when they were a young adult. Because of the 3 year degree and the amount of professional training after college they felt obligated and committed to that one profession. Plus, they paid so much for that education that they feel like they have only one choice but to stay.

The overwhelm in having to keep up with legislation and information on a daily basis led to anxiety and depression. It also added to that feeling of inadequacy if you were not keeping up.

The strive for organisations today to be up to date and not make any mistakes only leads to more anxiety and more pressure and therefore leading to more dissatisfaction in your job.

There was never any support or encouragement in the workplace and definitely no recognition for work well done! And on top of all of that you had office politics happening all around you. Making sure you are not saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

It led us to one massive decision… in that we would leave these jobs to have our own online business and never go back to a 9-5 corporate job again.

Fast forward 10 years and here we are leading a lifestyle that we only dreamed about all those years ago. We are empowered and in control of our own destiny, we are fulfilling our lifes purpose. We are part of a community that provides us with training, education and support to fulfill our purpose in life. We are connecting with a global audience and travelling around the world. Spending the last 3 months in America and travelling to Toronto, Canada and travelling around Ireland.

That was a rather long introduction… however… I wanted to set the scene for what this blog is about. Now that we have learned what we have learned and created a business that can provide all of this we decided that we want to build a team around us and show them how to do this also. We get asked all the time ‘what does it take to create what you guys have?’. After a discussion around this question we thought to ourselves what criteria would be required in someone to create what we have created? If we had to put together an advertisement advertising for team members… what would it say?

The Advertisement

We require team members that will be prepared to:

  • Dedicate a couple of hours per day and at least 5-10 hours on the weekend.
  • Put in committed and dedicated hours to learn new digital skills to create an online business
  • Invest $$ in creating your marketing advertisements
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Put a plan together and put that plan into action
  • Be coached by mentors that are earning six figures online. To be coachable and take action on a daily and weekly basis
  • Invest time in being trained and put into action what you learn
  • Be resilient enough and resourceful enough to overcome obstacles and hurdles
  • Dedicate the next 2-5 years to training, taking action, personal development and growth until you have a successful online business

The outcomes of the above action will lead you towards a life of meaning and purpose over the next 2-5 years and beyond. Your ultimate achievement will be to lead your life on your own terms. If this of interest to you then take the first step and that is to schedule a call

If starting your own online business is of interest we’d like to offer you a FREE 30 day test drive of the education and system we use in our business.

You will meet one of our mentors, Stuart, and you can get your FREE account in less than 60 seconds.

What are you waiting for? Go over there now….FREE Account


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