What can propel your business to another level? What does it take to make that happen? For any business either a physical business or an online business what does it take to increase customers, leads or prospects?

To get our business to the next level it is all about identifying the goals we want to achieve. Once you have done that you need to identify the strategies required to achieve those goals. You then break this down even further and identify the tactics required within those strategies. The tactics are the daily action tasks to be performed and done everyday.

Why is this so important? Because you are breaking your goals down into small, achievable bite sized chunks that can be done every single day. This feels much more achievable and doable… rather than looking at the size of those big goals and thinking “how on earth am I going to achieve that”.

For example, our goals was to achieve x amount of leads and x amount of sales in 30 days. Our strategies to do that were through:

1.     Building our list

2.     Broadcasting to our list

3.     Blogging to our list

We then looked at each strategy and asked ourselves what can we do in daily tasks that will assist us in achieving our goals? An example of just some of those tactics are: –

1.     Building our list – create a new advertising campaign per week

2.     Broadcasting to our list – 3 Facebook Lives to our Business Page

3.     Blogging to our list – Create 3 new blogs per week

We have just spent the last week at a digital marketing conference in Phoenix AZ and we have learned so many more skills and techniques that we can apply to our online business. A lot of those skills can take our business to the next level. However, the most valuable part of that week was the announcement of a 30-Day Marketing Challenge. Coming of the back of a 90-Day Journey it just made sense to participate in the next Challenge, which happens to be a 30-Day Challenge. It’s shorter and therefore more intense and powerful.

It was so easy to apply the above method, breaking down the goals into bite-sized chunks. The power of this simple yet effective process creates massive change… massive growth. It is the culmination of those daily action steps, which eventually gets you to those goals.

The emphasis can be too much on setting and achieving goals, yet I believe that there should be more emphasis on the setting and achieving daily tasks.

The success of our business has come down to our ability to set daily action tasks which ultimately lead to achieving goals. If you would like to know how to do this in more detail or get some assistance then go to our website and schedule a call.

Trish and Chris

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