It is so important when building a brand to be clear on your vision, values and purpose. For some business owners and entrepreneurs that vision was built very early on.

When out for dinner with my attorney he shared a wonderful success story centered around the importance of having a vision. I needed a tree down in the yard of the house I am rehabbing and he recommended a tree lopper, his name is Andy. My attorney lived in the same street as Andy. When Andy was a young boy my attorney used to drive by his house and see him sitting on a lawn mower/tractor with a trailer on the back with Andy’s Lawn Service. Fast forward 20-25 years and he is a 35 year old man with a team of employees and 9 trucks on the road with over 70 jobs booked in to do. As a young boy he knew exactly what he was going to do and he stuck to his vision from all those years before.

The problem today is that most of us had some sort of vision as a young child. We had a passion for something, yet by the time we go through the school system and then college or university we have lost that vision or passion as a young person. We fall into a profession or career that suits everyone else around us including our parents and lose touch with what it is we are good at or want to do. We have to conform to societal expectations of getting into a safe, secure career, studying for that career for 3-6 years of our life, accumulate university debt and come out the other end with a unfulfilled and dissatisfied working life. Who wins?

A Vision describes the desired future position of an individual or a company. A vision is like a road map that an individual or an organisation will take to get to a clear image of what the future will look like. a vision is so important when building a business as it gives a future direction to the owner and to all employees. It is a statement that can be tapped into when things might not be going too well or as projected. It also provides a picture to all existing and future clients of the business. It keeps the business focused on what matters and therefore avoids taking on too much or things that are not in alignment with its vision. Any decisions that are made can be placed alongside the vision to see if it works, if it helps to achieve that future picture.

Its taken me 40 years to break away from what was supposed to be a great profession and career. I love the freedom that breaking away has given me. I have always had a vision for my own business and being my own boss. I had to face adversity in life before I decided enough! 10 years ago I broke away from my profession as a corporate accountant and moved towards building and developing my own international real estate investment consulting business.

Now at 50 years of age I have it all figured out and have created an online business with a very clear vision. The online busines allows me the freedom still to travel and be my own boss. I have now taken that consulting business online and I am now helping others to do the same.

So we’d like to offer you a FREE 30 day test drive of the education and system we use in our business.

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Trish and Chris

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