Trish and Chris hit the leaderboard yesterday!! The leaderboard of what? your are asking me. The leaderboard in our digital community for generating the most leads in 30 and 60 days! This is such an achievement and is validation that we are doing all the right things. In particular there are 3 things that has led to these outcomes…

1. The importance of doing the following 3 things in your online business: –

  •  Build your list
  •  Broadcast to your list
  •  Blog to your list

By us appearing on the leaderboard means we are definitely building our list. This can be done many ways. We do it through paid advertising and unpaid advertising through posts to social media. Paid advertising is the quickest and most effective way of communicating. We create video adverts that appear on You Tube and Facebook.

Even though anyone can search and find the information to create such campaigns I believe the secret to our success with building these campaigns is being part of our digital community we also participate in one-on-one coaching to get it done. We have the training, the coaching and the support to make this happen. You can get the video training series that showed us how to do this. It showed us about the possibilities with an online business and how to get started. This video training series introduces our 2 coaches and mentors Stuart and Jay.

2. Daily action steps

Building your list in an online business requires consistent effort and daily action tasks. We set out a plan for the week and follow through on every action task we have on it. It makes you so productive and we get so much done throughout our week… its crazy sometimes!

It does help having a business partner as we go through the planning phase together and then we delegate those tasks to each other. It’s the most amazing feeling when you reach targets, sales and you then start to get recognised within your community for the work you are doing.

The biggest event that has helped to propel our business since coming back from Phoenix, where we attended a digital marketing convention, is the ’30 Day Marketing Challenge’. This challenge was set up by the organisers of this convention. They set up a forum that we could post daily or weekly with our evidence of the daily action tasks we were doing to get things done.

3. Accountability

The importance of this 30 Day Marketing challenge is that we firstly commit to everyone that we are ‘all in’ and then we list our daily action tasks that we will be doing. We then outline how we are going to celebrate by completing the challenge with everything all done and completed. We are week 2 into the challenge and we are already seeing the results of accountability already! We did not expect to get validation so quickly. We believe it is a combination of all of the work we have done in the lead up to this challenge and it took this commitment to get us to that tipping point.

You can replicate the same thing we have talked about in this blog by setting up your own 30 Day Marketing Challenge. We all have access to Facebook groups now so you can go and set up your own group for this challenge and have the same accountability that we have had for the last 1-2 weeks. Anyone that participates fully, will see results.

If you would like any assistance with setting up your own 30 Day Challenge you can schedule a call with us.

Starting your own online business, a successful business requires building your list, broadcasting and blogging and more importantly you require the coaching, mentoring and support to do so.

Trish and Chris

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