If change in your life is what you are seeking… what are you doing to change your world? Change can be forced or change can come through uncertainty and challenges. In my case it was both that created change in my world.

I was in an unfulfilled profession as a corporate accoutant and in 2005 I left my full-time job forever! I was sick and tired of working for bosses that I did not respect and working with colleagues that I did not like. I worked in an office with no windows and the only bit of sun I would get would be at lunch time when I would venture on out to get a sandwich. I was then back at my desk within 10 minutes as I had deadlines to meet, reports to run and meetings to attend.

I would finally get to leave the office at about 6pm and rush over to daycare or after school care to go and pick up my daughter before the centre closed. I just hated being that last parent to pick up my child… she was the only one left and they were all packing up. You look at your daughter and you think “what am I doing? Im just chasing my tail… every day!” I felt sad that I could not be spending the quality of time with her and instead at an office that was leaving me completely unfulfilled and depressed.

I found myself a single mom in my mid-30s through tragic circumstances and my only choice at the time… the only thing I knew to do was to go back and study and get a college degree, which I did. I loved the university and the studying. I loved the freedom and flexibility that the university gave me as the only real obligation was to turn up to tutorials. I could be there for those early years with my daughter and that was the most important thing for me at the time.

Then I got the job and it was 9-5pm and longer on some days. It was nothing like what I expected and it definitley was not in alignment with my personality. You were thrown into a position of working with people you did not choose to be around and all the time my daugher was in day care.

So in 2005 I made that big, bold decision to leave my career forever! At the time I wasn’t completely sure it was going to be forever. I prepared myself for that day that I was going to leave by ensuring I had income set aside to be able to that. As time moved on the less likely I would ever end up in a full-time office job again!

The biggest influence in my decision to leave my full-time job was a book… yes… one book that made the biggest impact! I loved the author, loved the message and just wanted more. So I registered my name and email address on his website and then all this incredible transformational information started to flow through. I couldn’t get it fast enough… I was consuming it so fast. The books I read, one led to the next, everything from self and personal development to business to investment strategies. Books helped me to learn, give me confidence and the right mindset to lead my lifestyle.

There are things that you can do now that can lead you in the direction of change… that can force change:

1. Read books and lots of them

2. Work out what strategy would work for you outside your 9-5 job

3. Do your research and learning around that strategy

4. Find mentors and coaches that can help you with that strategy

With forced change comes sacrifice… the sacrifices required to get educated, to get the training to travel and meet up with mentors. The sacrifices that I had to make was the full-time salary that I was earning as a full-time corporate accountant. I had to sacrifice time away from my daughter to travel overseas to do my research, network, get educated and get the training.

What are you prepared to do for change? Change your life so its YOUR life and not spent at an office where you are unfulfilled, dissatisfied and not having a life of meaning and purpose.

Trish and Chris

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