What is that one book that changed your life? That book that put you on a completely different path to the one you were on? Books are incredibly powerful as they can inspire and motivate they can educate and they can change the trajectory of your life. For me the book that changed my whole life and the path I was travelling on was ‘Your Were Born Rich’ – Bob Proctor.

Books are so inexpensive and you can get into the minds of the brilliant writers over a very short period time… the time it takes to read the book. The book I read that changed my life inspired, motivated and educated me. It was the first personal development book I had ever read. My first response was ‘I could not believe this stuff is out there, and I did’nt know about it’. I had been university educated, I felt that I had been educated in the real world also, however, I knew nothing about personal development.

So reading this book led me on the pursuit to find and read more books like this. I had this instatiable appetite for the knowledge and the inspiration that was in them. I remember before kindle and ebooks that I would visit every book store I could whenever I was at the airport and at a shopping centre. I would visit a book store over a clothes store as the desire to know more grew. My family and friends knew what that perfect gift would be for me. My library got bigger and bigger.

I still consistently go to my library of books and re-read them. You can read a book several times and each time you read it you get more out of it. Sometimes it feels like you have never read the book before as you are reading it from a different place. As you grow and have more experiences the wisdom in the books triggers something different. Different paragraphs mean different things to you.

Books can re-train and condition your mind. The best way to change your conditioned mind is to read books. Now you can buy audio books which… as my journey continues… I buy more of as I find it much easier to listen to it whilst doing my morning excercise or in the car or cooking. The audio book allows you to utilise every spare minute of your time whilst being able to do some of your other daily rituals. Great for those of us that are incredibly busy during the day.

My recommendation to anyone that is wanting to pursue a change in life would be to identify that thing you are passionate and read books around it. Sometimes, like me, I didnt even know what I was passionate about until somone sent me that very first personal development book ‘You Were Born Rich’. From that moment on and for the last 10 years I have read 100’s of books and listened to 100’s of hours of audio in the pursuit of my passion, personal development and business.

Trish and Chris


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