The business types you can build online is infinite! A little challenging to know what type of business you want to build when you are just starting out. People are not even aware they can start their own online business let alone define what it is they would like to do online! The best place to start is getting some training and education around starting an online business. This will help to define what it is you would like to do.

For Trish and Chris, ideas get created every single day and a lot of those ideas come from training and listening to other people that have already travelled that path. For them it was the perfect fit to join a global community of online, like-minded, motivated high achievers to get them from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Once they started the training process in the first year they knew that they could parcel up Trish’s knowledge, skills, experience and stories to create an online training package. Trish was an international real estate investment consultant dealing with people one-on-one which took so much of her time and energy!

A lot of that time and energy was through training and educating the investors coming through her program. It was not a good use of her time as she was trading her time for money. It was different from the 9-5 job as she did have freedom and flexibility that she longed for however, her time was diminished and she was spread very thin.

To solve the issue of giving Trish more time back they developed a training package where the investor would pay $495 for her Silver Package and they could go and watch the 7 Steps To Buying USA Real Estate which consisted of 14 foundational videos that Trish created along with bonus videos also.

Now… this is just one type of business model that you can develop online. Sometimes it takes someone else outside of your own situation to identify or highlight the gifts and talents that you have that can be delivered to the world. This is where coaching can help along with the training and education. Trish and Chris offer coaching programs to help in this process of identifying those gifts.

Within the next year Trish and Chris then decided to create another online business model, called affiliate marketing. This was promoting the training, education and coaching that got them to where they are now. They started in January and the first sale came through in March and by June they had matched Chris’s monthly salary. As a result of seeing results she gave up her full-time job.

The first 3-6 months of creating and developing an online business is generally training, education and coaching. This will provide for an incredible foundation as you move forward.

There are many options for creating an online business:

Consulting business
A local business marketing business
Affiliate marketing and direct sales
Promote your own products and services
Help to grow charities
Ultimately the amount of money earned from your business comes down to the amount of effort, time and resources you put in.

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