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Inspirational and Motivational


We want to share a very inspirational story with you today.


We were talking to one of our new members about why he decided to upgrade his membership with the Six Figure Members. He shared with us his struggles and his dream and we found it so inspiring we wanted to share with you too. We hope you get some encouragement from this.


We did ask his permission and he gave his consent to share his story with you.


Just a little preliminary advice about what we do….when a new member comes through, we always schedule a call with them. We chat about their interests, their goals and dreams. So this is what unfolded for our new member in this story…


We will call him Jack.


So Jack saw our advertisement on You Tube and decided to get the free video series.


He watched the videos from Stuart and Jay and was impressed with the content they shared. And wanted to learn more…


So he decided to submit his $29.95 application. His application was accepted and he purchased a full membership immediately. This gave him so much more education and training with access to LIVE training calls with the leadership team including Stuart and Jay.


Jack really touched us with his story.


Here is what he shared with us…..


‘When I started going through the Modules, I kept thinking to myself ‘Can I really do this? Can I really master these skills?’ Because I am not technically minded, so I was doubting myself.


Then I got to Module 2 and this is where everything changed for me…it was here I realised it is really about why I wanted to do this…it’s about my purpose for being here right now….and that purpose is FREEDOM FOR MY FAMILY. For me and my family it is both personal freedom and financial freedom.


You see, I am a veteran and I served 12 years (I was really burnt out!) and I saw horrible things in war zones when i deployed overseas. I was there for 4 long years!


And that experience made me appreciate spending precious time with my wife and young daughter. Spending time with them is my passion, my purpose. I want to be with them, I want to watch my daughter grow up, be a part of her life and support her dreams and spend time with my wife.


I hated being posted overseas, not seeing my wife.
When I got out of the military, I found a job where I have to travel 2 hours every day 5 days a week. And that job doesn’t make me happy either.


That’s when I went searching for something that could ignite some passion in me to change my circumstances.


Now that I am experiencing what the SFM offer, I know I am in the right place. I can see a future where I will realise my dreams!


I want the freedom to attend every dance recital my daughter has, every parent teacher interview, every sports carnival, everything she does, I want to be there!


This is what will drive me to succeed in creating this business. And as I progressed through these Modules, I realised this process is building the foundations of the business.


And that got me very excited!


As I work my way through the next Modules, I know I am where I need to be. I am in a community of people who are willing to lend a hand when you ask, who are willing to listen when you question yourself, who are the best friends you have ever had.


I feel that I can help other veterans, others who are trapped in their jobs, commuting 5 days a week. I want to share my experiences with others and give them hope so they can make the changes they need to transform their lives, just like I am….’


That was how the conversation unfolded and it got better. Jack decided to take his membership to a higher level where he has access to personal coaches and we are very excited for him. He will make a wonderful mentor to others because of his passion and purpose.


He is already a leader, leading by example!


This is just one of the many stories we could share with you but we thought this one was really inspiring. We hope you enjoyed it!



We look forward to meeting you on your journey as well.
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