Are you about to start an online business? Well thats a great decision especially if you have decided to go through the same training and education as Trish and Chris. The potential is limitless, however, you’re going to need more than just potential if you want to achieve financial freedom. You’ll need a plan, resources and time…

Nothing about an age requirement though… For Trish and Chris starting an online business 2 years ago they did not think twice about being too old for this journey. However, not everyone, thinks the same.

A lot of people we talk to about this business model have a belief that they could be too old to be creating something like this. More so, for people that have no technical expertise. Some people that would like to start an online business are not even doing Facebook.

Both Trish and Chris had no technical expertise, they were on Facebook, however, not very active. They did not have a You Tube Channel before this journey either. Fast forward, 2 years later and they have active marketing campaigns on both You Tube and Facebook, they have 2 websites, they have a blogging strategy and a marketing strategy around Facebook Live.

In the first 12 months of starting their online business model they took Trish’s knowledge, skills, experience and stories and made them into a training package and put them online to a global audience.

For the next year they decided to do ‘affiliate marketing; by marketing the education, training and tools that allowed them to do that. They are now generating sales through the affiliate marketing program they are now running. It is a very powerful model.

The average age of people creating an online business is 48-58 years, 48 years of age to be exact, so Trish and Chris fell right into that age bracket.

People of that age bracket think they are not tech savy enough to build an online business. They are under this misconception that the younger you are the more capable, as the young ones have been growing up with devices all their young life.

What they fail to realise is that the older age bracket have had many more years of adapting to new technology and different types of technology.

The most exciting advantage that they bring is the ability to add value. Someone in the 48-68 year age bracket brings so much experience. They can share many different aspects of life like health, parenting, raising teenagers, empty nesters, everything from jobs to careers to professions. The scope is limitless. They are realising that they can utilise all their skills and experience through an online business.

The economics are changing around the world. People are getting into their 50s and 60s and realising that they do not have the amount of retirement income required to give up their jobs. There is fear creeping into a lot of people in this age group as they are now looking for an alternative to working in their traditional jobs into their 70s.

People in that age group are now looking for a lifestyle. They want the freedom and flexibility to travel the world. Trish and Chris have the choice now to travel when and where they like. Trish spends summer in the US and the rest of the year in Australia. They both travelled to Phoenix and Toronto for more training and education around digital marketing.

The most important factor when deciding whether or not to start an online business should not be age. It should be the desire to do it.

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Trish and Chris

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