Can an online business model help to grow your existing business? Whether your existing business is a traditional bricks and mortar business or a consulting business, going online with the type of business model that Trish and Chris use would help you attract new leads, prospects, customers and clients.

When I talk about going online, We dont just mean with a website, it has to be a dynamic online presence with a sales funnel. What does all this mean?

Firstly, let me tell you what we did with Trish’s international real estate investment consulting business. This business was a one-on-one consulting business which was not a good use of Trish’s time. Trish was limited by the amount of time she had in her week and how many people she could see in that time. Chris showed Trish a way of expanding her existing business without taking anymore of her time. In fact, it would reduce the amount of time spent with clients.

The first thing Trish had to do was identify an area of her business that was time intensive. Trish worked out that a lot of her one-on-one time with clients was spent educating them around the process of buying USA real estate. Trish would book a 3 hour consultation with a client, where they would pay $795 for that meeting. Most of the time, the client would travel to Newcastle NSW where Trish would book a room, which would cost money. This money would come out of the $795 consultation fee.

Those 3 hours would feel like an ‘information dump’ where Trish would pile loads of facts and figures on to the client. Trish would then arrange for interviews from the US with team members to further answer any questions. The client would walk away from that meeting overwhelmed with information and not sure about what questions they wanted to ask. This was the area of Trish’s business that needed to be modified and she did not know how to do it.

Chris came along with a program called SFM and Digital Experts Academy which provided the tools and training to take all that information and put it into an online product that no longer required Trish to be present. In other words, the client that wanted to move forward in the process would now pay $495, now, being cheaper than the $795 they were previously paying, and they would access that information through training videos that Trish created.

Trish decided to create videos that would provide the client the same information and called it The 7 Steps To Buying USA Real Estate. It was structured in bite-size peices of information in a step by step systematic process that people could follow. It turned into 14 foundational videos and a workbook that clients could access anytime and anywhere. They could watch the videos as many times as they liked and they had the workbook to write down any questions.

The videos that Trish created were uncomplicated and easy to create. She created them using a simple iPhone and tripod in her lounge room. She knew each topic she wanted to cover and then turned on the iPhone to start videoing. Trish wasnt looking for perfection in her videos, it was all about the information to the client and providing value. Trish also has a plan to interview all of her team members in the US and provide those videos as part of the package also.

The advantages to creating the training package was to:

  • Generate another source of income to the business
  • Advertise the business to a global audience
  • Be more targeted in the type of audience they would market to
  • Create educated investors
  • Help make the process easier for other members of the team
  • Qualify the investors that wanted to move forward in the process
  • Avoid unecessary phone calls and meetings to brief the client

Once the training package was created it was time to create a sales funnel. When an interested person would click on the video advert, created by Trish, they would be taken to a landing page. They would opt-in by providing their name and email address. Trish would then provide them with an ebook outlining the process of Buying USA Real Estate.

The clients were then placed on a mailing list. Trish would then email to them on a regular basis and also offered them videos on case study’s of recent rehab projects along with a workbook and also another ebook for $47. They would either take up that offer and if they wanted more they would then move on to the training package for $495.

The sales funnel is a way of moving them through the sales process by providing value, building trust and rapport and educating them along the way.

So if its the growth of your existing business, whether it be consulting or a traditional bricks and mortar business it can be done through the methods and sales funnel process that is delivered through this program. In the free video training series that we offer it gives you a fantastic overview of the possibilities with an online business.

Trish and Chris

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