Well, it’s certainly natural for individuals to have concern as to whether they need any previous experience before getting started with an internet business or before getting started with SFM. And I can certainly say without any hesitation is that the answer is you absolutely do not need any previous experience.

In fact I can tell you that many of the top members over the years who have come through our business system and education program, are individuals who got started without any previous experience.

One of the things that I will say as well, is that actually a lot of the members who have come in over the years with previous experience sometimes come with preconceptions and as a result they sometimes come in with some bad habits and some bad ideas about how internet businesses should be run. And as a result of that, they don’t actually follow the program exactly the way it’s been designed to be followed.

The other thing is if an individual does have previous experience, sometimes what they’ll do is skip some of the basics because maybe they’re just, very keen to get going. The advice I always give individuals in that situation who are getting started with SFM, is regardless of your previous experience, if you haven’t been getting the kind of results that you want­ which is probably why you’re here in the first place­ then do not skip the steps.

Now the system here, the business system, the training, the program, the tools and all of the technology that SFM have here has been designed assuming that the individual has no previous experience. It’s been a company and a community that is organically grown based around the results that members are getting so its proven time and time again that previous experience is not something that you need to be bringing to the table.

And also I will say that if you’re not technical­ you’re worried that you need to be some sort of whiz kid­ that’s not the case at all. Everything is put in place in order for you to get started a little bit like or a lot like, I should say, like franchise that’​s a proven system kind of like a business ­in­ a­ box if you like that you can get going with right away so absolutely don’t worry if haven’t got any previous experience at all.

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