So here I am in a beautiful part of Tasmania and looking at this video you would say I have ‘escaped the rat race’. What does it mean to escape the rat race?

In a traditional sense when someone says to you they have ‘escaped the rat race’ we immediately assume they are on a weekend break to the country or the seaside or a winter escape to get some R&R. Then when the break is over its back to the ‘rat race’, which is never a pleasant experience.

So I say why not ‘escape the rat race’ for good! When Robert Kiyosaki talks about ‘escaping the rat race’ in his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ it is all about creating a business that generates cash flow that can be invested in revenue producing assets which also creates consistent monthly cash flow. The cash flow comes in regardless of whether or not you are in the business.

It is all about creating businesses that can be automated or systemized so that they can operate whether you are there or not. This way you have options; you have choices in what you do, where you go and when.

The foundation of Robert Kiyosaki’s financial education is the cash flow quadrant. The quadrants are broken into 4 financial strategies. 2 of those strategies keep you in the ‘rat race’ and the other 2 get you out.

The 2 strategies that keep you in the ‘rat race’ are ‘Employee’ and ‘Self Employed’. The ‘Employee’ is all about collecting a salary for the time you give to an organization. This can be very limiting as there is a ceiling on your earning capacity. It is also very limiting when it comes to being able to take leave or vacation to spend time with the family.

The other strategy ‘Self Employed’ means you are trading time for money. These are professions like doctors, accountants, lawyers and consultants that are charging an hourly rate. Again, they are limited by the amount of work they can do in a week as ‘they are their business’.

The 2 strategies that get you out of the ‘rat race’ are ‘Business’ and ‘Investor’. The ‘Business’ strategy is all about creating a business with employees or a business that is automated and systemized whereby you can take yourself out of the business and it will still run efficiently.

The key to the success of the business is the ability to leverage yourself – in other words either delegate the responsibilities to employees or the systems will run your business whilst you are away. I run online businesses that are systemized and automated and can be run from anywhere as long as I have a laptop and an Internet connection.

The final strategy is the ‘Investor’. This is taking the cash flow generated in your business and investing it in cash flow assets that generate steady consistent cash flow each and every month. My preferred investment strategy is real estate, more specifically USA Real Estate.  I have been buying USA real estate since September 2008 and the purpose of building a USA real estate portfolio is cash flow.

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