There has been a time in my business that I have blamed others for my business not moving forward like I have envisioned.

I have blamed team members for things just not happening like I thought or said or agreed upon. Things don’t always go to your own plan. When you are dealing with team members, you are dealing with people and they have their own plans and agendas their own day-to-day lives that they are dealing with.

You have to take 100% responsibility for your own life. Which means you have to give up on the complaining and the blaming of others for your results. You have to take responsibility for both your successes and your failures. I can tell you in my business I have had more failures than successes. It is just part of you growing and developing, it is part of you owning a business.

I have been guilty of excuses, blaming others and victim stories. However, as I am now more aware of my thoughts and ensuring I keep my feelings in check I am catching those situations when I blame others or make excuses.

What I am saying to you is from this point forward be aware of your self-talk and your excuses and blame and turn that into a more positive dialogue to yourself.

Self-awareness makes a big difference to how you react to things now and into the future. When I became a single parent through a set of tragic circumstances, I did not have the self-awareness then that I have now. So I was big at blaming others, blaming myself, making excuses and feeling like a victim.

I slowly pulled myself out of that place with a level of determination and perseverance that I did not know I had. I took one step at a time to create a brand new future for my daughter and me. To do that required me to shake of those previous feelings of self worth and blame and keep striving forward with a different mind-set.

Everything you experience today is the result of choices you have made in the past. My very first mentor and coach taught me this in the early days, Bob Proctor. In one of my previous blogs I talk about training your mind and these are the things that you have complete control over:

1.    Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings

2.    Daily practice of meditation

3.    Take regular daily action towards your goals

4.    Read books

5.    Visualise using your imagination

How you use these things determines everything that you experience in life. Change your thoughts and therefore your feelings, change your daily habit or practice, change the things you read and change the way you talk to yourself and others.

Bob Proctor also told me if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. I read his book in 2005 and by 2006 I made the decision to fly to Vegas and meet him, which I did and I took my daughter along also. From that day forward I decided that my life would be very different. From that day I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life.

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