The number one problem that holds people back from the success they deserve is the lack of belief in themselves and their project or business idea.

Napoleon Hill in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” The mind is so powerful that you can get or achieve whatever it is you want. However, you have to believe that it is possible.

I also say in my training that the ‘size of your success depends on the size of your belief’. What is a belief? A belief is a collection of thoughts you think every single day… and you have to ask the question, what am I thinking every single day? Are they good thoughts or bad thoughts? What do I tell myself everyday? The majority of us would not talk to our friends or even enemies they way we talk to our selves.

It goes back to my original video where I talk about our thoughts are linked to our feelings which lead to us taking action which ultimately determine our results. So it is really important to know what we are thinking and feeling every day.

I am currently reading a book, which I read about 8 years ago, and its called ‘The Master Key System’ the book is designed like a workbook over 24 weeks and you visit each chapter every week. It gets you to use and practice your imagination through what’s called visualisation. Reading the book today has more power than it did 8 years ago. I think it is due to my levels of awareness and so much has happened in my experiences between then and now. I pulled this book back off the shelves and I am practicing the use of my imagination through visualisation.

It is all about re-wiring your sub-conscious with the belief that what ever it is you want, you can achieve. Why do we need to do that? Its because we spend our whole lives becoming conditioned. Through what we have told ourselves and through all of our experiences we have had in life. Our brain now expects a certain outcome and if the brain expects a certain outcome then that is exactly what we get. That is why it is so important to find ways to replace our old negative talk and expectations with more positive ones.

When we talk about beliefs and belief in ourselves, It also really helps to have someone believe in you first. This is why it was such an easy decision to start an online business with my close friend Chris. Chris I worked with each other back in finance and accounting over 10 years ago and when she came to me last year wanting to start an online business I said YES! Not only does it double the amount of capital you have and the skills and abilities it has a huge impact on your belief.

On days where I am lacking in belief Chris will be the complete opposite and it can immediately lift my spirits. We had planned a day to go and complete 1 content video, Chis said we are going to complete all 7 of them. I just looked at her and thought ‘no way!’ what she had done had set up an expectation in brain of us completing all 7 videos. So we did just that, we completed all videos. She told me after we had done them, that she did not think we would finished 7 videos and really did not even know how we were going to do that. Just the other day, we both did not feel like producing any content videos and I just said to her we’re going to do them. So we did exactly that, we produced 4 content videos and then were really pleased that we went ahead and did them. This time I had set up an expectation in her brain that that is what we were going to do.

We now know that we are capable of completing at least 7 content videos in a day. We have pushed through and taken action and set up a belief that we can do that.

This leads into a whole other area and that is coaching and the reasons to have a coach is to believe in YOU when YOU don’t believe in yourself

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