The new way to advertise your business is through social media using platforms like Facebook and You Tube. They are incredibly powerful as demonstrated in our video share…

The power of the Internet was demonstrated when I had to advertise my self-contained apartment for lease and instead of going through a real estate agent my daughter decided to post some great photos to At the same time I decided to print up some flyers with the rip-off phone number down the bottom so I could advertise up at the local hospital.

By the next morning my daughter had 10 applications on the apartment, it was incredible. I did not even get to print the flyers. The applicant that secured the apartment was a doctor from the local hospital. I wanted to share this story as we can all leverage from the power of advertising online and not enough businesses do it and do it well.

Chris and I run a few online businesses and we have access to a global audience with our advertising strategy through these You Tube and Facebook, and the results have been incredible. There are two ways to advertise and market your business online:

1) Slow way – where you have zero marketing budget and you advertise for free/ This can be done through writing articles and blogs and providing links on those articles back to your website or offer.

2) Fast way – this is where you have a marketing budget and you have paid advertising on social media platforms.

We have chosen the fast way to advertise and therefore have a monthly marketing budget. The benefits of this type of advertising are we can target our specific audience who we know will buy our products.

It’s a targeted message to a targeted audience and having such a targeted strategy means we can direct our advertising to male or female or both, different ages, married or single, different locations or a combination, likes and dislikes, interests.

As a result of being so targeted in our marketing we get very accurate measurements and data. We know how much our leads will cost, we know the circulation of our advertisements, how many people will see it, how many people will click on the advert and follow through with the offer.

As part of our marketing strategy each week we spend time on the weekend to review our campaigns, look at the data and make decisions around that information. It’s a really efficient way to invest marketing dollars.

80% of your business comes down to marketing and can make the difference between a business that is successful and a business that is not.

We would love to work with you to create your own online business.

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Trish and Chris

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