When doing a traditional business plan one of the tasks that is required of you as a business owner is to analyse your competition. When it comes to competition you need to identify and analyse your top 3 competitors. It’s important to do this analysis to identfy your competitions weaknesses. It is also just as important to identify your businessess strengths and ideally, this capitalises on your competitors weaknesses.

When it comes to an online business model things are analysed differently in regards to competition. As far as we are concerned… there is no competition. The audience is so large that you will attract customers and clients from all around the globe. As long as you have clearly identified your avatar and targeted that avatar with a message that converts then you have no competition.

It is more important to put creativity above competition because the more creative you can get with your marketing message the more engagement you will receive and therefore more leads and conversions. With video marketing taking the lead now when it comes to advertising you have to really get creative with your video content.

An example of creativity over competition happened recently within our Six Figure Mentor Exclusive community. A friend of a member of this community experienced unprecedented success for social media engagement due to the creativity of her message. She created a parody to an Ed Sheeran song for her parenting blog. She had approx 450 followers on her Facebook Business Page. She released the parody on her page with the expectation of getting 100 likes. In 3 days in went viral an she received 21 million views, 60,000 engagements and 4500 clicked on the ‘Learn More’ button. An absolute success which came down to creativity not competition. She didnt have to go out and analyse her competition to identify their weaknesses. She just went about doing what she loves doing and that is being creative.

Now when it comes to an online business you dont have to be artistic to create a parody like that example. You just have to be you and provide value to people. Provide value where you do not expect to get anything in return initially. Its all about attracting a following, people that love what you are providing. You just need to be real and authentic in the message you are delivering. Trish and Chris specialise in helping you find that value and help you in the process of finding your true and authentic self.

It does not take that long to get something going online. Trish and Chris started their business 18 months ago. It took 6-12 months to get Trish’s primary business online http://BuyingUSARealEstateTraining.com and then the following 6 months to get http://TrishandChrisOnline.com up and running.

If starting your own online business is of interest we’d like to offer you a FREE 30 day test drive of the education and system we use in our business.

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