As you will see in this video I purchased a picture just a few days ago, in this picture it shows a character riding a bicycle. The most important part of this picture is the words inscribed in the bottom corner, which say ‘keep pedalling’. What does that mean?

These words connected to me immediately as they mean, consistency, growth, bite size action steps and reaching targets. It is what Chris, my business partner and I kept saying to ourselves in the early days of building our online business and that is ‘just keep going… we’ve just got to keep on going’. We keep on saying it to this day.

So what does it mean exactly to ‘keep pedalling’ in an online business?

Well…  for us in the early days it meant setting daily and weekly action tasks and checking in with each other on a weekly basis. We would and still do set tasks on a Saturday and then meet the following Saturday to decide what we have to do for the following Saturday. We would keep on doing that.  Do the work and be accountable for that work each week.

The ‘keep l’ is really necessary when you start to create content, like videos, which you upload to You Tube, written blogs and Facebook Lives. You build your Facebook Business Page, you build your You Tube Channel and you start to add content and you expect to attract 100s of subscribers or viewers or followers as soon as you start to put content out there.

Well… the reality is… you attract hardly anyone!! It takes time and it takes perseverance and persistence and training to attract viewers, subscribers and followers. In the early days you upload this content and you think to yourself ‘is anyone out there??? Is anyone listening or reading???

It gets frustrating and little disappointing at first, however, you just got to ‘keep pedalling’ keep doing those things that build your online business, those things that I talked about in a previous video 1.Build your list 2. Broadcast to your list and 3.Blog to your list.

Over time what happens also, is activity is happening behind the scenes, things that you don’t know about. People are actually watching your videos and reading your content, however, they are not engaging for whatever reasons. However, you are building a relationship with those people, they are enjoying your content.

So this online business is such a great example of sowing the seeds or planting the seeds and then nurturing with the right food, nourishment, water and sunlight and then after a while you start to see the seeds grow. The same happens in your business, you provide value through content and you will slowly get engagement through your social media platforms and your website.

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