When building an online business it is so important to be analysing your data. I can hear you saying now… what data? When you start to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and You Tube you will pay money for advertisement campaigns. In return for your marketing dollars you receive very detailed and targeted data. It is based on the performance of your advertisments. The numbers can tell you a lot about what your adverts are doing.

Just last night Chris, my business partener and myself had a business meeting to discuss a particular advertisement campaign that has been underperforming for the last 2 weeks on You Tube. We were a little unsure what to do with this campaign as it had been performing really well prior.

We were contemplating whether or not to pause the campaign, which we don’t really like to do. We are very quick at putting campaigns up and getting them running… however, we are very slow at pausing them. We have very good reason for this. The reason we are slow is because we don’t like to make small or big changes to them as it can muck up the algorithms and put them completely of course. By just tweaking advertisements you can take a performing ad and have them underperforming very quickly.

For this one particular advertisement campaign… Chris and I started to look into the numbers. We quickly discovered that 1 in 2 people were opting into our performing campaign. Opting in… meaning for every 2 people that click on the advertisement and get directed to our website, 1 person will provide their email address and name. For our underperforming advert 1 person out of 4 will opt in once they go through to the website. Big difference in the numbers.

Chris then had a light bulb moment and said… I started to send those adverts to a new landing page in the last 2 weeks. So we took a look at it and found that the wording was not suitable for the product and service we were promoting. Even though we thought that it was appropriate at the time… re-reading it highlighted what we didnt like about it. So we have gone ahead and changed the wording on this page. We will run this advert to this new website and check the results in a weeks time.

It is very important to have two sets of eyes over you work, especially any copy you have written. It is also important to analyse the data you have been given on your advertisement campaigns before making any adjustments to them.

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