What is the truth about the achievement of goals? The truth for me was to put more emphasis on the daily tasks to achieve the goal rather than putting the importance on the goal. In other words, establish the goal, then establish the strategy and then work out those daily tasks to accomplish those goals. And then do whatever it takes to get those daily tasks done!

The best thing for me and my business has been in the participation of ’90 Day Challenges’. These challenges have been instrumental in me developing new daily habits and creating breakthroughs in my personal life and in my business. How does this work?

The digital community that Chris and I are members of have an event that is delivered 4 times per year and it is called Momentum Day. This year we have attended one in Toronto, Phoenix and we have the next one coming up in Perth, Western Australia. At these events members fly in from all around the world and connect, network and mastermind at a level I have never seen before. These are members that have one thing in common and that is to improve the quality of their life and those around them. They are doing this with an online business model. People with many different professions and skills and careers that have chosen to re-skill and create a business and life they love.

Each time we attend this event a new challenge is presented to the members. At the beginning of the year we took part in a 90 Day Video Challenge where you create one content video per day and you do this consecutively for 90 Day’s. The purpose of this challenge was to get us comfortable being in front of video. We simply use our smart phones and we used a selfie stick and we were ready and prepared for this challenge. For me, this challenge was so impactful on me creating an online business and really finding out who I was and what I represented. I finished the end of May at Sydney Airport getting ready to board a flight to the United States for 3.5 months.

We then attended Toronto Momentum Day the beginning of June and out of that event a new challenge was presented. This was the 90 Day Business, Health and Personal Goals. We were given a template on how to set our daily tasks for this challenge and we had a few days to work out what those tasks were going to be. I talk about this strategy in another blog which involves firstly setting your goals and working backwards to set the strategies around those goals and then work out your daily tasks.

This video is the final day of the 90 Day Challenge out of Toronto Momentum Day where I share the benefits of what this has done for me and my business. I shared on stage the fact that we made our first high end online sale 1 week out of the 90 Day Video Challenge. This level of commitment and dedication and the fact you are writing out your tasks has a massive impact on you and the growth of your business.

The biggest advantage of these 90 Day Challenges that are developed in the community is you are made accountable to the group. The accountability was crucial in the process of getting the tasks done. A Facebook Group is developed around these challenges and you have to post your evidence of your daily tasks. This makes such a difference in you accomplishing these tasks. Some nights it got to 11pm and I realised I had not done my video or I had not done my meditation and it forced me to go ahead and do it, take the photo evidence and post it. If I did not have the accountability then I would not have done the task.

Chris and I have just came out of Phoenix Momentum Day and the challenge that has been set is a 30 Day Marketing Challenge. We were pretty excited that another challenge was set as we go from one challenge to the next which builds so much momentum.

For you to create any sort of momentum in your business, life and health will be the consistency of daily tasks that you set and achieve. This is the fastest way to achieving those goals that you set. Too many time people focus on the goal and not the daily tasks to achieve those goals.

You can create the same with your friends or family by creating a group of accountability and taking action. You can do it for 30, 60 or 90 days and ensure there is the writing down of tasks the posting or sharing of evidence and the accountability for it to work.

The success of our business has come down to our ability to set daily action tasks which ultimately lead to achieving goals. If you would like to know how to do this in more detail or get some assistance then go to our website and schedule a call.

Trish and Chris

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