If the plane is in trouble what are the first things that happen? We all know from the training we get each and everytime we board a flight to go anywhere… If the masks drop from the ceiling due to loss of cabin pressure you are to put your mask on and then assist anyone else to put there mask on. They firmly say “put your mask on first”. Why is that so important…

It’s so important to help yourself first so that you can then go ahead and help others, children, elderly etc. The same needs to happen when you are in a start-up. When you are starting your own business it is important to be able to help yourself first and then go about helping others.

It doesn’t matter how big your vision is and how big an impact you want to make or how big a change in society, if you haven’t helped yourself it’s going to be 10x more challenging to help others. Its going to be very difficult to wake up every morning wanting to make that difference wanting to be in service to others when you haven’t taken care of your own situation.

Trish has been building a business over the last 10 years, a real estate investment consulting business and knows how hard it is to build something from scratch, let alone building that business to make others successful. Its tough enough to be accountable yourself let alone being accountable for others. You tend to have more flexibility on yourself, you also don’t put as much pressure on yourself to make things work. You put a lot of pressure on yourself if you want it to work for other people. So the important message here is getting it to work for yourself first.

Money, sales, revenue is the oxygen for any business. For any business to continue they need the money to be coming in. For the money to be coming in you have to be ‘me-centric’ when it comes to building, in other words, putting yourself first.

Being ‘me-centric’ will give you the credibility and will build your authority, especially in an online business. However, there is another side to this and that is the ability to provide value to your customers. You have to find the balance between being ‘me-centric’ and the giving of value to your leads, prospects, clients. To attract a following, to attract subscribers you absolutely need to make it about them and provide as much value to them as you can.

For Trish and Chris in their online business it is all about getting balance between providing value and being in service to others and at the same time generating sales. They do focus on being the example, leading by example.

In the early stages of any business it’s all about ensuring that sales and revenue is coming in so it can be re-invested back into the business.

Trish and Chris

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