When I quit my job, I discovered just how important it is to schedule your time and have discipline around your tasks.

I was in a job for over 35 years and I was very disciplined during these years. As you work through your day, you know there are certain tasks that need to be done and you are driven by deadlines and outcomes.

Or at least, I was!

Being in Finance and Accounting for all this time, there was legislation to abide by, there were deadlines to meet and everything was very structured.

Fast forward to the day I didn’t have to go into my job and I was feeling a little lost. I was very happy, very, very happy in fact about my decision to quit my job. I had been looking forward to becoming my own boss working on my own business.

The reality was I didn’t know how to structure my day because I had been in a job for so long!

I thought it would be an easy transition. Wrong! It was quite difficult in the beginning.

I was used to working on the business in the evenings after my day job and I found myself wasting my time during the day with the excuse of ‘I’m just taking some time out!’

I still continued to work on the business in the evenings!

Then I realised what I was doing…seriously…I had no structure and no discipline!

I needed to be accountable for my days and for my actions.

Initially, I really struggled with structure and discipline…however I am very lucky I have a business partner who is very supportive.

Trish had been working in her own business for over 10 years and knew and understood the struggles I was facing. And helped me to get focused on the business.

If you are considering working in your own business, you need to be aware of how your mind can play tricks on you by telling you ‘I’m just taking time out!’

Get yourself an accountability partner, someone who will help you get on with the important things.

Trish and Chris work together, each having separate tasks to complete and we have timeframes around these. And we check in every day. This helps so much with accountability.

We set our goals and we work progressively toward them.

What we found works well is setting up the following

Check in with each other every day

Weekly goals

Monthly goals

‘To Do’ Lists

Brain storming

Analysing your data

80/20 rule

Constant improvement

Trish and Chris would really like to work with you and if an online business is something that sounds good to you, check out our website – LeadYourLifestyle.com for more details.

We offer a free video training series on what an online business looks like!

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