Yesterday Trish and Chris were feeling like sh#$ and it came down to one thing… not taking there own advice and reaching out for help!! They were going through a moment of frustration and anxiety in their business, feeling like things should be moving quicker. Yesterday was not a good day! And today we now know why it wasn’t. Family issues came up for both of them without knowing it until the end of the day. There was an energy or vibe in the air and what started out as a great day quickly deteriorated into a crappy day!

Why are we telling you this? Trish and Chris reached out to a couple of people in the community that are leaders in their online business… doing all the things you would want to see a successful business owner doing. The downward spiral started about 9am in the morning and by 10am they had talked themselves into so much negatvity. Trish and Chris both said who can we reach out to? It took some deliberate and then some forced action to make contact with these leaders. What was holding them back at the beginning?

They are still unsure as to what was holding them back… was it pride? Was it the belief that they could do it all themselves? Was it fear around being revealed for not having all the knowledge… being found out? Was it uncertainty around how these leaders would receive them? Could have been one reason… or a multitude of reasons. Trish and Chris are both individuals with their own deep seeded reasons and it can be the downside to a partnership in that it brings a miriade of different beliefs and emotions.

When they made that decision to reach out to the leaders, they got an immediate response back from them saying “we’d love to connect, we’re available up to 1pm for a call”. A meeting was arranged for 11am and before they knew it they were discussing their frustrations with them. These leaders had been in affiliate marketing now for double the amount of time Trish and Chris had been and had learned so much along the way. They are where they aspire to be now!

They came of the call and said that was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and for our business. We received one ‘golden nugget’ of information about our You Tube Channel that will advance our subscribes rapidly. We made that simple change and overnight we had more subscribes than we ever had before.

The lesson in all of this was to ‘reach out’ whenever you feel stuck, frustrated or anxious in any way it’s so important to reach out to those that have developed a way ahead. We always discuss the importance of team when building businesses. When you have an online business there are not as many team members to deal with and it is very easy to feel alone and isolated. The upside to the business partnership that Trish and Chris have, is that they can bounce of each other and support each other when times are tough.

This is why it is so important for those starting a new online business to get the support. Anyone that joins Trish and Chris‘s team feel supported and guided. They hand-hold a lot of new business owners so they feel like they are not in this alone. The first 3-6 months in this business is crucial whilst you are finding your way and doing the training and education.

When Trish and Chris started an online business it was so important to get the support and guidance, training and education around doing it. When doing research you find a lot of programs out there, however, once they do have your money you then find it difficult to get any type of support. The support has aided in the success they have currently got in there business. The support that is available to Trish and Chris:

  • A global community with motivated, likeminded, high achievers
  • The ability to connect with leaders in the online business world
  • Mastermind groups small and large depending on where you’re at
  • Exclusive events that you can attend around the world.
  • Telephone support
  • A dedicated business consultant to answer any questions
  • Live chat
  • A support Desk
  • Access to coaches and mentors by booking through a calendar system

The other big bonus with having a community of members that attend live events is the opportunity for anyone to travel the world with their business. Trish and Chris have travelled to Vegas, Brisbane, Toronto, Phoenix and Perth in the last 12 months. All for live events where they network, get cutting edge training and have some fun!

Trish and Chris

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